Antibiotic &
Vaccine Free.

Closed Housing System

Nano Technology Water Treatment

Non Antibiotics and Organic Based Feed Mills

Delima Emas team management

Agro Tourism Landscaping

DESB put extra mile in our approach in designing our farm to have paradigm shift of general perception on the poultry industry. With the idea of Farm in the Garden concept we shall cultivate conducive working environment and a pleasant place to be.

Delima Emas from above

e-Farming & e-Tracking

DESB injected ICT elements to simplify our monitoring system by installing CCTV, sensors to detect any equipment malfunctions or any negative or hazardous elements which may harm our chicks.

Our personnel will be equipped with tablet computer to feed live data for effective and efficient management as well as accurate and fast tracking of any hiccups.

Delima Emas office
Delima Emas from above

Innovative Water Treatment

Due to high water consumptions of the chicks (for its drinks) i.e. double of their feeds, DESB has innovated NANO Technology Water Treatment System to enrich our chicks with sufficient minerals for their growth and high antibody system.

Delima Emas office
Delima Emas from above

Farm Crews

In contrast with normal industry practice (recruiting foreign worker), DESB is determined to have our local people being part of our team to operate the chicken farm. This determination shall change general perception on poultry industry and stop the knowledge and skills from being transferred and leaving our local people in the dark over chicken farming business.

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